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Our Apples Unit has so many hands on and engaging ways to learn about apples, how they grow, the parts of an apple and different ways you can cook and eat themways even you adults will enjoy.


70 hands on activities included in our 39 page Apples Unit suitable for home or school use.


Apples includes;

~ 50 apple themed learning activities 

~Weekly overviews

~Daily whole page instructions with photos (We even give suggestions of what to say)

~Supplies list that doesn't cost a fortune and uses household items

~Book list you can find at local library or on youtube.

~Song and poems to match the apple theme

~Activities across all learning areas


We know you and your learners will have so much fun we have also included an extension pack.


The extension pack includes;

~ Another 20 plus activities to keep the fun and learning going

~ Individual activity supplies lists

~ Instructions on each and every activity with photo examples

~ Activities use equipment from around the home to keep cost low

~ Many food based activity that is a tasty way to explore apples


There is no need to do all these activities, we have provided so many activities to allow you to pick and choose the activities that suit you and your learner.


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