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Let's get buzzing with excitement as we learn about bees! Learn the parts of a bee, pretend to be bees buzzing from flower to flower, pretend to be a beekeeper and inspect the hive, feed the bees pollen, build a bee hive, learn about pollination, the lifecycle of a bee and go on a letter hunt in the trees and more. Great for a bees preschool theme or use at home!


Our unit has over 40 activities to help our young learners learn all about Bees. 


Our Bees unit includes activities for:



-Cooking and food activities



-Fine motor

-Gross motor 

-Art and craft

-Songs and poems

-Book list

-Printable Beekeeper dramatic play

-Playdough mats


So much hands on learning can be had exploring the important role bees play in our environment.


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