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Is your child interested in eggs?


Our egg Unit has over 40 activities teaching your child all about eggs.

What lays eggs?

Are all eggs the same?

What's inside an egg?

What kind of animals lay eggs?

Why do they lay eggs?

How do animals look after their eggs?


Our 51 page Eggs Unit includes

  • images for sorting oviparous animals (egg laying animals) and non oviparous
  • a non fiction printable book about chickens 
  • lifecycle of a chicken posters and activities
  • printable numbered eggs for counting and matching
  • a non fiction printable text about oviparous animals
  • over 40 hands on learning activities to engage your learners


Suitable for ages 2-7 years for home or school use.


$7.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
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