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This Parent Kit is for parents looking for routines to make family life easier.


Included in this 25 page unit;

- A detailed explanation into the many benefits of routines for infants, toddler and young leaners.

- The importance of routines for parents

- What makes a good routine?

- Explanation and examples of family rituals and their importance

- Example routines for 2-3 years, 3-4 years, 4-6 years, school children and home school.

- Detailed explanations how to make our routines work for your family

- Tips for homeschool

- Morning routines for homeschool

- Kindergaten readiness checklist

- Kindergarten completion checklist. 


Are you ready to eliviate power struggles?

Lower you childs stress and axiety?

Provide a safe and predictable home for you child to flourish in?

Then this is for you.

Family and Homeschooling Routines

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