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The moon incites children's curiosity from a very young age. Although it's a space object, it's more accessible to children because of its dependability and proximity. Through this two week unit, children will develop a deeper understanding of the moon. There are over 60 activities so this unit can easily be stretched over a month long investigation.


It includes over 60 activities! 


That is 60 ways to teach your children about the moon and space in an engaging, hands on way that will have them exploring and developing understanding of complex topics.


Learning objectives. After completing this unit your child or students will be able to;

  • Talk about basic facts about the moon
  • Recognise moon phases in pictures and when viewing the moon
  • Understand the origin of moon craters
  • Create an example of cratered moon
  • Talk about astronauts and their special tools and training
  • Talk about rockets and space shuttles
  • Sing songs about space
  • Develop new vocabulary


To get ready for this we have included equipment lists along with an extensive book list of suggested titles we love to read with our children and students to get them interested and engaged in learning about the moon and space.


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