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40+ Printable Daily Routine Cards for Kids!


Tired of reminding your kids to complete simple basic tasks throughout the day?


Free yourself from power struggles at bedtime, yelling during mealtime and asking your kids put their shoes on 1,047 times each morning. 


Help your child gain independence in basic routines throughout the day and let's make routines fun and easy!


Inside the 40+ Daily Routine Cards, You'll Get...

Sixteen printable pages for you to print using your home printer. The following cards are included: 

  1. Morning Routine Cards to Streamline Getting Out the Door
  2. Bedtime Routine Cards to Create Peace and Promote Sleep
  3. Chore Routine Cards to Raise Helpful and Responsible Kids
  4. Mealtime Routine Cards to Create Cooperative Family Meals
  5. Playtime Routine Cards to Help Kids Play Independently


We have also included 6 different ways to make them work for your family.

40 Routine Cards

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