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Looking for a home learning curriculum for your child?

Meet Parent Digitals Learning Units a new way to learn at home. Our programs are hands-on, play-based learning. Learning Focus units anchor the learning as children explore math, reading, science, art activities, and much more!


The listing is for the must-have Start Up guide.

This is a downloadable product. You will receive a .pdf file at checkout.


Are you ready for easy learning at home?

Parent Digital is a new kind of home learning curriculum. Fast, easy, and affordable.

Each Parent Digital curriculum is designed to introduce children to a variety of learning concepts in a fun and exciting way. Our programs are play-based, hands-on, and designed for at home use. Parent Digital is “evergreen” so you can start this program at any point in the year!


  • Our programs are not time consuming. Each day takes about 45 minutes.
  • Our programs are not sit and do work. These activities are all about moving and playing.
  • Our programs are not going to cost you an arm and a leg to set up. Most supplies are already found in your house.


What age are Parent Digital Units designed for?

  • Parent Digital Units are designed for children ages 2 – 5 years old. Our programs are incredibly open-ended and full of opportunities to adjust the level of activities to meet the needs of the specific child.
  • We were very deliberate in designing a program that can be used with multiple ages of children. You’ll even find our “extension” notes throughout the program with our ideas for how to extend the activity.


What is Parent Digital?

It’s a home learning curriculum built on simple, engaging, and active play-based learning. Each unit is two weeks long so include 50 activities each. That’s what this is: educational activities, full of learning but without the pressure or length of typical school.

Plus, there’s a clear sequence and progression of skills in our programs so as children grow and develop, so do the activities.


Here’s a look at the skills your child will work with each week:

  • Sorting
  • Predicting
  • Alphabet Knowledge
  • But that’s not all! Our programs are full of science activities, fine motor skill, gross motor activities, art and sensory based activities.


Our programs are so much more than just straight academic learning. It’s about building background knowledge of key skills and information that will help your child in their “school years.” Our topics introduce your child to so many important and new concepts, ones they may not have considered yet. We created this amazing 20+ page start up document so we can show you the ins and outs of our programs. In the start-up guide, we’ll share with you our tips and tricks for teaching Parent Digital, because we know what it’s like trying to learn a new curriculum. We want to give you all our teaching knowledge to help you (and your child) be successful.

Start Up Guide

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