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Are you kids starting school this year?

Here are some tips you can do at home to help prepare your child for school. 

As teachers we are always surprised by students who come to school and can't recognise their belongings like a lunch box or even unzip their bags to get their belongings out. Of course this simply takes time and practice but as parents you can make it a more positive experience for them.


Make it easier for your child by practising at home and choosing school items they can use by themselves (think zips, buckles, shoes). Practice having their school lunch at home ensuring they can open lids, clasps and food packets you pack. 
Have practice dressing yourself for school mornings without help (especially shoes).


Remember every child has different needs but you can always prepare your child the best your can for school transition.


Please use this poster download in your classroom or for your own use.

Tips for Starting School Poster

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