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Children's Books Have Many Powers.

No matter what age, mood, gender, ability our children are at, you can always get through to them with their favourite book.

Children's books are so vital in helping nurture your child's brain development from an early age. Research has found that reading to your child from birth exposes them to 3 million more words in their first year than a parent who waits until their child shows an interest in books. Not only are books great for speech and language development but also for our eye gaze and knowledge of the world we live in. Children develop a broad knowledge of topics they have never physically experienced for example 'dinosaurs' or 'out of space', however they know facts and physical attributes involved in these topics by reading about them in books.

Reading to your child should be never be limited as it opens their world to creativity, imagination, understanding and exploration of the world around them as well as the vital development of speech and language. It is also a special time you can share with your children together reading a book.

Develop a love of reading in your child by reading to them everyday.


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