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Kindy and Pre Primary Milestones

With little ones off to Pre Kindy and Kindy in the coming weeks a lot of parents feel anxious knowing whether or not their precious child is ready to start school. Each and every child is different but as long as you support them and show confidence in letting them have every opportunity to beging school with the best start, they will flourish. Ensuring you are organised to be on time, start a good morning routine (can adapt as you both learn to get ready for this new step in your lives) settle them in the classroom/playground, have all the needed equipment (supplies, uniforms, lunch etc.) this will give them a positive start and best opportunity for loving it straight away. Don't let them know you are nervous (if you are) be happy, positive, you'll be there at the end of the day to hear all about what they did. Your child will love it.

For those of you still anxious here are some simple milestones your child should be practising to master towards the end of Kindy and into Pre Primary.

Kindy Milestones: Ages 3 to 5

Gross Motor Skills

During this period, your child will become proficient at climbing stairs without holding. She will be able to stand on one foot for longer periods of time without swaying and leaning all over the place and may even hop, gallop and skip. Ball skills will improve dramatically, with throwing and kicking becoming much more forceful and accurate and with a bit more coordination between the arms and legs (this is where “step and throw” comes into play).

She may be proficient at pedalling and steering a tricycle, balance bike or may even be ready to progress a bicycle.  will love practising skills such swinging, climbing, hanging, going upside down, and sliding on playgrounds or anywhere they can.

Fine Motor Skills

Your child’s fine motor skills are progressing like crazy too at this age.  She will have a better grasp on crayons and pencils, working her way toward a pincer grip.She will be able to copy simple lines, shapes, and letters and will start to show more accuracy with colouring in the lines.  By 5 years old, your child has likely settled on hand dominance (left or right) and can write her name accurately and independently.  She will also start to copy other letters of the alphabet from a model and experiment in writing other words and may short sentences from copying. Scissors are no longer a challenge, they are now able to cut on curved lines and can even cut out simple shapes without going off the line.

Kids this age are should be able to complete all dressing skills (buttons and zippers) with little or no assistance, making getting ready in the morning a breeze compared to those toddler years.


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