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Prodigies Music

We would like to give a review of an online Music learning program called Prodigies Music.

Firstly, as a Music teacher myself I am impressed with the quality and scope of which this program offers. The songs are catchy and the lessons have been super fun even for me. We have been using the Playtime, Preschool and Performance prodigies programs and the engagement and excitement our kids have had in the program brings us such joy. They are loving learning from Mr Rob the charismatic teacher and about the bells and their musical names and places in written music.

We have been using the digital download application of the desk bells as we await ours to arrive in the mail. You could also just hand sign, use a keyboard or other instruments such as glockenspiel or boomwhakers.

This program is great for home use however it would also suit teachers who need to teach Music at school whom may be lacking skills or engagement with their students into loving music.

Check it out.


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